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  • Nowadays Cheap NHL Jerseys Free Shipping , glasses or contract lenses are in high demand by a large number of Americans in their daily life. Glasses or contact lenses indeed can help them a lot to see clearly while wearing them in their daily work and life, but for athletes, when they competes in games, what should they wear to get a crisp vision but can not damage themselves? It has been a puzzling question for a long time, as in some sports Cheap NHL Jerseys From China , wearing glasses or contact lenses will bring athletes troubles and even big damage to their eyes. Now the problem is easily settled with a Flint optometrist?s ideas.

    As we know, it is dangerous for top athletes in high contact sports to wear glasses or contact lenses. It will be better for some sports that athletes can wear helmet and face guard to protect their head and eyes, for example, for athletes who take part in hockey, they are allowed to wear glasses or contact lenses. But for some sports Cheap NHL Jerseys China , you can never do it! Take basketball as an example, if you wear glasses or contact lenses, it is likely to be poked or scratched in the eye especially when smaller player jump up for the ball. Then how should they do to have a clearer vision but also protect their eyes? They can wear prescription goggles which are specially made to perform the function of prescription lenses and protective lenses as well.

    Swimmers have a high requirement on their vision as they need to see clearly underwater during their race. Or else, you can imagine what will happen for not seeing the lines and the wall. Don?t worry, for swimmers Cheap NHL Jerseys , there are prescription swim goggles to help them see clearly underwater and give them a protection on their eyes.

    Not only those speed swimmers are lucky to have prescription swim goggles, but also synchronized swimmers and water polo players can have a satisfied pair of lenses to meet their special requirements. For synchronized swimmers, they are in high need of clear vision underwater to perform as a team, and the traditional contact lenses are terrible to wear in this kind of condition as they will pop out under chlorine water. It is lucky that they can have water friendly contact lenses, and there is also a kind of special drops available to prevent these problems. Besides Cheap Authentic Jerseys , it is very critical for water polo players to have clear vision underwater so that they can see where their team mates and balls are. For these players, they can choose the high contact goggles which are different from the ones for speed swimmers, and the special eye drops for synchronized swimmers can also give them some help on better vision.

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    WASHINGTON, Sept. 22 (Xinhua) -- U.S. President Donald Trump's remarks on "Nambia" during a United Nations speech didn't go without notice. People online quickly realized the gaffe and reacted strongly.

    "Nambia's health system is increasingly self-sufficient," Trump said. The White House later published the speech, which showed Trump had meant to say "Namibia," a southern African country.

    The gaffe made headlines on major U.S. media outlets including CNN and the Washington Post Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping , the latter of which said Trump was "inventing a country."

    The incident also went viral on social media. David Mack said on Twitter, "my god he said it TWICE." Some speculated he was trying to say "Gambia," or "Zambia."

    Stephen Colbert tweeted, "Can't wait for Trump to visit Nambia and their technologically advanced neighbors in Wakanda." Wakanda is a fictional African country where Marvel's "Black Panther" is set.

    A fake Donald Trump Twitter account posted: "Obviously, while speaking about African nations Cheap Jerseys From China , when I was referring to 'Nambia' -- the country I meant to mention was Narnia."

    Namibian President Hage Geingob was in the room with Trump as he made the speech. The gaffe was not just a harmless mispronunciation for some Namibians.

    Melvin Hosea Angula posted on Twitter: "Hage: 'great speech Trup,' Trump: 'its TruMp, the M is not silent,' Hage: 'oh like the 'I' in Namibia! #Namibia is not #Nambia."

    Namibia, known for its diamond mining industry Cheap Jerseys China , was liberated from the yoke of colonialism in 1990, after a 24-year liberation struggle.

    Chinese, Australian armies conclude joint training exercise

    Aftermath of 7.1-magnitude earthquake in Mexico City

    Sacrifice ceremony for late Thai king held in Bangkok

    Dominica PM confirms at least 15 killed in hurricane Maria attack

    Highlights of 10th China Acrobatics Golden Chrysanthemum Awards

    Wildlife paradise: Changtang National Nature Reserve in China's Tibet

    PLA Navy frigates introduced to visitors at Port of Antwerp, Belgium

    Aviation Expo China 2017 held in Beijing

    SHANGHAI, Nov. 24 (Xinhua) -- Chinese consumers are more confident and savvy with regard to their choice of brands and products Cheap Jerseys , according to a report released by global management consulting firm McKinsey and Company.

    The report was based on a survey of 10,000 consumers aged 18 to 65 across 44 cities and seven rural villages and towns in the country.

    Around 80 percent of the respondents were confident that their household incomes will increase markedly in the coming five years.

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