Chic modeling stage truss


    Chic modeling stage truss

    The concert truss is widely used, can hang lights, can support the background cloth, and has a variety of functions. Of course, as a concert truss, its role is far more than that. When used as a structural frame, it can also be used to create a theme atmosphere. Let's talk about the creativity in the stage truss, modeling truss.

    Shizhan modeling truss

    The stage is a part of the aluminum roof truss, which is generally presented in front of the audience in a horizontal state. The performer puts his best performance on the table, and the truss is used as a background frame or a light and sound shelf. The shape truss mentioned here is a shape design for the conventional truss according to customer needs, which can be a five-pointed star, a circle, or a three-dimensional figure. The designed modeling truss will be hung with lights and some decorations to make the stage look more beautiful.

    The main point of the modeling concert truss is a modeling word, which is placed differently through a customized modeling truss.

    Lighting and installations, as well as changing the stage at the same time, the quality of the entire performance will rise linearly.